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Mobile Apps for Business

You have seen the commercials and ads that have the phrases at the bottom: “Download our iPhone
app” or “Download our Android app.”

Your curiosity is probably why you are reading this page right now, and we can assure you that you are
on the right track! What is a mobile application? How do you build a mobile app? What is a business card
app for businesses? It is simply a mobile extension of your company. If you sell a great product at your
physical location, why not make a virtual storefront that can be seen by thousands of people? This is one
of the benefits of having a mobile application for business.

Another reason for having an iPhone app or Android app for your large or small business is that it allows
customers to reach you in a matter of seconds. If they want to call you, they can do so with the touch of a
button. If they want to send you an email then that can also do this with the press of a button. What if they
want to read about your products or services first and then set up an appointment?

We can design a mobile application for any company, including the iPhone, iPad and Android app for a
small business. This can all be done in seconds through your mobile application. ABCGUIDE Apps can
make all of this a reality because this is what we do for our clients everyday. We take their vision and turn
it into an interface that customers can interact with. Your mobile app means more customers and higher
revenues. This is the power of the mobile application!

Mobile Sites


Mobile Sites

The Internet goes mobile. According to Google, mobile searches will exceed desktop searches by 2014. More and more people prefer to
address the issues while on the go.

They use their mobile and smartphones to find products, companies and information online. If you have ever tried to open an ordinary
website in your mobile browser, you know how awkward and unmanageable it can be. That’s why, the time has come to mobilize your web

Research has shown that after launching a mobile version, site traffic increases dramatically. That’s because users hate time-
consuming activities as zooming and scrolling.

Having a nice looking and user-friendly mobile site will give you a number of benefits:

  •  Staying in touch with your existing clients
  •  Informing a larger audience of your products and services
  •  Acquiring new customers
  •  Providing better information support
  •  Increasing local and  regional sales
  • If you have already decided to mobilize your web site, you are in the right place. That’s what we do here at ABCGUIDE Apps. Please design
    your project to go mobile in the shortest possible time.

    Is your website optimized for mobile Internet users?

    You can add client value by creating a mobile-friendly version of your website so your customers can easily find the information whenever
    and wherever they look for it. The world is going mobile and if you don’t take care of your mobile customers, you may simply lose them and
    they will go to your competitors.
    The simplest way to create a mobile version of your website is to use our specially developed tool.

    You are only two steps away:



    The best way to keep customers coming back to you is to keep them informed.

    Push notification technology has allowed us to make mobile app notification a reality, and this
    means more educated customers for you. ABC GUIDE Apps’ mobile application includes
    functionality for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android notification. How does this work?
    When customers download your app they have the option to accept push notifications from
    your business, and just about all of them do.

    Once a customer has your mobile app on their phone, you can then send out instant
    notifications that will go straight to their home screen even if they do not have your app
    open. This ensures that your messages always get directly to the customer at any time.
    This is also a great option for you because it lets the customers know what’s going on at
    your company, and you can also use this tool to send out important updates such as special
    hours of operations, new services and products offered, or other information. It is up to you –
    whatever you want the customer to know you can tell them, instantly. Constant contact is the
    key to repeat business, and our apps’ push notification technology enables you to use this to
    your advantage. Do you want to know more about this technology and how it can help you?
    Contact ABC GUIDE Apps and we will be glad to tell you about it.

    Mobile Marketing


    Mobile marketing is critical for a company’s success in today’s markets. Most consumers are now doing their research and making purchases
    online, and many of these transactions either start or are completely done via mobile devices. This is why you should look to ABC GUIDE Apps
    to help you implement mobile marketing for your business. In addition to mobile apps, we also provide complete mobile marketing solutions that
    incorporates a number of components that can drive traffic to your business. You need a powerful suite of tools to capture customers and we have
    them all to make available to you. Below are some options that ABC GUIDE Apps can add to your mobile marketing campaign.

  • Mobile Apps for Business – creating a customized app for your business allows customers to reach you with just a few taps on their screens.
    Clients can read about you and your business, see products and services, and even email you or set appointments.

  • Promoting your Mobile Application – in addition to creating a great mobile app for your business, ABC GUIDE Apps can also help promote your
    application through your Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube account, and other forms of media that you may currently use.

  • Prepare and Send Notifications – ABC GUIDE Apps can set up the notifications that will be sent through your app and push them out on a
    schedule that is convenient for you. Customers can receive the notifications even when they do not have your app open on their device.

  • Design Posters for Notifications – your notifications need some personality, and ABC GUIDE Apps can give them what they need by designing
    sleek, functional notifications that will show customers your eye for detail, which they will love to see because it will make them feel that you will give
    them the same attention.

  • Produce Videos for Mobile Phones – if most of your customers are using their phones for obtaining information on products and services as well
    as staying informed then you need to take the media to them. ABC GUIDE Apps also has a great video production department that can take your
    vision and put it in a captivating video clip that can be instantly watched via any mobile device. Videos are an important part of mobile marketing
    because it is as close as the customer can get to your business without actually physically being there. Once they view the video and then visit your
    facility, they will already feel as if they have been there, and this will make them more comfortable in giving you their business.


  • It cannot be stressed enough how important mobile marketing is for the future success of your business! The companies that take advantage of a
    complete mobile marketing solution package are the ones that gain the most customers, and are ultimately the ones that earn the highest revenues.
    If you are serious about being a leader in your industry, it starts here. Let ABC GUIDE Apps be the force to lead you to the head of the pack –
    contact us today!

    Customized Apps


    Need something to show potential and current customers that you are staying ahead of the curve and are serious about providing top notch products and services? ABC GUIDE Apps creates custom mobile apps that will say just that. Our custom mobile application development capabilities are second to none and we stand by our designs because they produce results. Are you ready to take on more customers? How about a customized mobile app that can be downloaded by thousands in just a few months? We have done this for other businesses, and we can do this for you.

    If you’re a auto dealer that needs to get more customers on the lot, we can design a mobile app for you. How about a restaurant that is looking to fill up more tables for the dinner rush? We can make a mobile app for you too. No matter what kind of business you have, ABC GUIDE Apps can provide affordable custom apps for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms. All you need to do is bring your vision for a great app to us and tell us what you want it to do, and we’ll review it and give you an estimate. That’s it! Once you give us the baton we will do what we do to make sure you come out on top! Are you ready for your app? Contact us today!

    QR Codes


    You know you need a customized app to keep an edge on your competition, but do you also know that having a QR code for your business is the next marketing trend that you can be one of the first to jump on? That’s right – QR codes will be a necessity soon because they are gaining popularity, and it allows consumers to get the information they need about your business with just a simple scan using their mobile devices. ABC GUIDE Apps is great at QR code developing and we can create a special code just for your company.

    What exactly is a QR code, you may ask? QR codes are similar to bar codes but they are special because instead of just storing an item name and price as a simple bar code does, QR codes actually link to multiple streams of data, such as addresses, website links, and other text information. This technology was developed over in Japan when Toyota created them to use as identifiers for new vehicles. Other companies realized that the codes could be used for marketing purposes, and the rest is history.

    By creating a QR code for your business, you give customers direct access to you. They can instantly see where you are located as well as have one touch access to your website. This keeps people from having to remember your web address or contact information and typing it in every time they want to get access to your business. With QR codes, business cards will be a thing of the past. Do you want your customers to have instant access to you? Let ABC GUIDE Apps help you with your QR code marketing solution. Contact us today and let’s get started!



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